Carriage Inn Demolition Marks Steps Toward a Renewed Downtown

Community Partnerships and Donations Provide Solutions for Community Housing Needs.

The tumble of bricks Friday at 1 p.m. at The Carriage Inn represents the removal of one of Reno’s blighted motels and a new beginning for a renewed downtown corridor. Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. will be leading the demolition of the property located at 690 W. 4th St. This demolition marks the beginning of many changes to come to West 4th St.

Jacobs Entertainment has recently secured properties along West 4th St. stretching from the Sands Regency to the Gold Dust West in an effort to bring a new arts and entertainment district to the downtown area. One of the most important pieces of a successful urban revitalization effort in understanding current and future demand on area infrastructure. The company is preparing a plan for phase one of redevelopment to ensure that the needs of housing, retail, and entertainment venues are fulfilled.

“West 4th Street is fast approaching a period of significant transition,” Jeff Jacobs, chief executive officer of Jacobs Entertainment, said. “We are preparing a traffic demand study to determine the appropriateness of the installation of two double-lane roundabouts on West 4th Street, one at the intersection of West 4th St. and Ralston St. and the other at the intersection of West 4th St. and Washington St.”

Jacobs Entertainment continues to focus its development on win-win solutions, reaching those who need higher quality housing than what the rundown motels in downtown Reno currently offer. Partnering with government agencies and non-profit organizations, Jacobs Entertainment and the Jacobs Family Foundation have donated more than $2 million to help support the growing need for affordable housing in the region.

Jacobs has partnered with the Reno Housing Authority to provide $1.5 million in residential housing to the organization creating a public-private partnership that begins filling the affordable housing gap. Additionally, Jacobs has provided a cash donation combined with a community match which could total $850,000 for the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project (NYEP).

“In this time of welfare and social service scarcity, public-private partnerships will be critical in meeting the needs of the homeless,” Monica DuPea, executive director of NYEP, said. “Looking toward the development of our new housing project, we look forward to continuing our work in creating a sense of community, that is desired and needed by both youth and seniors.”

Removing old and dilapidated buildings from the downtown corridor provides the community with both aesthetic and public safety benefits. The Reno Police Department reports that The Carriage Inn has been the location of 606 calls for service since 2014.

“We are proud to do our part in helping remove blight from the city while ensuring residents have access to both safe and secure housing and resources needed,” Jacobs said.